MMC Foundation Ltd: Leading the Web3 Fitness and Health Revolution


MMC Foundation Ltd (MMC) is a globally leading fitness and health solution provider headquartered in Singapore. We are committed to driving mass participation in sports and fitness through innovative Web3 technology and our core product, Move Coin, while taking a leading role in the global fitness and health industry.

Web3-based Fitness Platform

As a Web3-based fitness platform, MMC offers users an unparalleled fitness experience and motivation mechanisms. Our flagship product, Move Coin, is a Web3-based fitness application that boasts the following key features:

Exercise Mining Explorer:

Encourages users to actively engage in sports and fitness activities and rewards their exercise behaviors with tangible value in the form of Move Coin. This innovative mechanism aims to motivate users to stay consistent with their fitness routines and improve their overall health.

Exercise Monetization:

Users can use the Move Coin they earn to redeem a variety of fitness and health-related rewards, including fitness equipment, nutritional supplements, and health services. Through exercise monetization, we enable users to translate their fitness efforts into tangible benefits.

NFT Sports Gear:

Users can purchase unique NFT sports gear using Move Coin, which not only provides personalized and distinctive fitness experiences but also showcases their achievements in the fitness field. These NFT sports gear items not only hold collectible value but also unlock exclusive features and rewards on our platform.

Driving Innovation in the Fitness and Health Industry

MMC is a pioneer in the Web3 fitness domain, dedicated to driving the development of the fitness and health industry through technological innovation. Our team comprises experienced directors and secretaries who have achieved remarkable accomplishments and possess expertise in the industry, committed to delivering high-quality fitness and health solutions for our users.

Our Products

Our flagship product, the Move Coin application, is a revolutionary product in the Web3 fitness domain. It offers a range of unique features, including:

Personalized Fitness Plans:

Customized fitness plans tailored to users’ fitness goals and progress.

Real-time Fitness Tracking:

Real-time tracking of users’ fitness activities, including step count, calorie expenditure, and heart rate, using advanced sensor technology.

Social Fitness Community:

A vibrant social fitness community where users can share their fitness journey, receive support, and find motivation.

Join Us in Shaping the Future of Fitness and Health!

Join MMC and embark on your Web3 fitness journey. Download the Move Coin application now to start earning rewards, showcasing your fitness achievements, and becoming a part of our global fitness community.

Contact Us

For any inquiries or more information about our products or company, please feel free to visit our official website at or contact us directly. You can also refer to our company information at

Official Certifications

MMC Foundation Ltd has obtained the following official certifications:

Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) Registration Number: 202223136G
Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) GST Registration Number: S95SS0093K

For any queries or more information regarding our product or company, please feel free to visit our official website at or contact us directly.

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You can also refer to our company information on

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